Can I go for a weekend drive under a classic car policy?

Part of the pleasure owners receive from their classic cars is the experience of driving them, so the terms of your classic car insurance policy should reflect how you plan to drive it, whether that includes weekend driving or not. If you are considering obtaining a classic car policy, contact the BES & Associates Insurance team that serves the Walford, MD area, and we’ll create the policy that suits your driving preferences.

Classic Car Insurance

Among the main differences between classic cars and everyday vehicles is that insurance policies assume that everyday vehicles depreciate with age and mileage. Policies are priced based on those assumptions about vehicles. Classic cars, on the other hand, are insured based on their agreed value.

Related to that assumption is how the policies handle mileage. Classic car insurance is not intended for everyday vehicles and typically has an annual mileage limit. Despite the mileage limit, there is flexibility in calculating the limit based on how often and how far you drive your car, whether you trailer it to shows, and similar usage patterns.

Part of creating a classic car policy is to consider who you plan to drive the vehicle and develop an estimate of the miles driven per year. So, you can drive your classic car on weekends or any time you want, as long as you include those miles in the assumptions used when buying your policy.

Working with BES & Associates Insurance

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