Home Insurance in Maryland

The state of Maryland does not require homeowners to have insurance. However, your mortgage provider requires coverage to protect the property until it is paid off. In any case, it is a good idea to purchase such coverage. No matter how careful you are in what you do inside your home and how thorough you are in guarding it against burglars, vandals, and arsonists, there is no absolute way to prevent harm. The only thing you can do is prepare for fire, flood, or wind damage. A sound insurance policy is the best way to achieve this goal.

The good news is that the insurance industry has greatly changed in recent years. It is no longer dominated and controlled by a few big companies. You can now choose from a range of independent, client-focused insurance firms. BES & Associates Insurance, located in Waldorf, MD, is among these new types of insurance brokers. The firm writes the following types of insurance policies: auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, life Insurance, flood Insurance, boat/watercraft insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, RV, renters, motor home, and condo insurance.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or already own a house and want to switch insurers, we can help you craft an insurance policy that works—that reflects the realities of your life and finances. At BES & Associates Insurance, we are not in the habit of pressuring clients into buying expensive insurance. We instead approach the writing of policies from your perspective. It is about what you value, what you want to protect, and what you can afford. We will sit down with you and go through the details of your situation to write a policy that will help you if the worst happens.

If you need to insure your home, contact BES & Associates Insurance today for a free consultation.