How Flood Insurance Works

If you own a home, it’s always important to have flood insurance. Flood insurance protects you against the extreme amount of damage that a flood can do to a home. A flood can be devastating to any property it touches. It can ruin the building as well as all of the items that are inside it. If you don’t have flood insurance, it’s time to get it. When you want to know more about flood insurance or want to get started, call us at BES & Associates Insurance in Walford, MD. 

The National Flood Insurance Program

When you want flood insurance, those policies are backed and supported by the National Flood Insurance Program. This is a federal program that guarantees insurance and pays out in the event of a flood. Because it’s backed by this program, flood insurance will have the same price no matter where you get it. That makes it easy to get this insurance because you don’t have to shop around for it. 

Floods and Home Insurance

It’s common for people not to get flood insurance because they assume that their home insurance covers flooding. However, it doesn’t. If you only have a home policy and not a flood policy and a flood were to occur, none of the damage would be covered. With flood insurance, both the damage to the home and the loss of belongings would be covered by the policy. It’s never a good idea to go without this type of policy with the prevalence of flooding. Even if your area isn’t designated as a flood zone, a flood can still occur. 

Get Flood Insurance

When you don’t have flood coverage, it’s time to call us and find out more about these policies. Call us now at BES & Associates Insurance in Walford, MD.